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Research on the Financial Awareness of College Students based on Internet

Hong Guo, PP. 12-14,Volume 5,Issue 2, 2019/6/15

Global Digital Currency System Analysis and Research

Xinyue Du1, Xiangyang Li2, Qian Zhong3, Xiufen Wang3*, PP. 19-25,Volume 5,Issue 2, 2019/6/15

Analysis and Research on the Syntactic Characteristics of Accounting English

Yufei Gong, PP. 26-28,Volume 5,Issue 2, 2019/6/15

Research on Application of Embedded Video and Voice Playing System

Tao Feng, PP. 29-32,Volume 5,Issue 2, 2019/6/15

Research on Deblurring of Motion Blurred Image

Ting Lu, PP. 33-35,Volume 5,Issue 2, 2019/6/15

The Inequality Proofs and Applications of Function’s Strict Convexity

Hongheng Yin1, Yan Li1,2, PP. 36-39,Volume 5,Issue 2, 2019/6/15