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Design and Implementation of Campus Assistant APP

Qiong Liu, Ziwei Ma, PP. 10-12,Volume 8,Issue 3, 2019/6/15

A Brief Analysis of the Application of Network Security

Jianjun Wu, PP. 18-20,Volume 8,Issue 3, 2019/6/15

Enterprise Strategic Adjustment based on Path Dependence Theory

Minyi Qian, PP. 21-25,Volume 8,Issue 3, 2019/6/15

Application Analysis of Virtual Simulation Experiment in Nursing Teaching

Yingdong Cao, Lin Zhu, Cuifan Li, Hui Li, Chunyu Li, PP. 29-35,Volume 8,Issue 3, 2019/6/15

Research on the Joint Training Model of master's Degree in Sino-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools

Danna Guo, Yanfeng Liu, Qiyue Yu, Lei Liu, PP. 36-41,Volume 8,Issue 3, 2019/6/15