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Analysis of Moral Indifference under the Condition of Socialist Market Economy

Feng Zhang1.2, PP. 1-3,Volume 8,Issue 2, 2019/4/15

Improved Random Forest Algorithm for Stream Big Data Processing

Jing Li1, Yingchun Liu2, PP. 4-12,Volume 8,Issue 2, 2019/4/15

Application of Training Recruitment System Based on School-Enterprise Cooperation

Jinya Sun, Junfeng Li, Feng Li, Bin Yuan, PP. 17-19,Volume 8,Issue 2, 2019/4/15

Impact of Chinese-US Trade War on Soybean Industry in Heilongjiang Province

Yuhong Huang, Feng Feng*, PP. 23-26,Volume 8,Issue 2, 2019/4/15

Study on Problems and Countermeasures of Coal Export in Shanxi Province

Han Li, Feng Feng*, PP. 27-29,Volume 8,Issue 2, 2019/4/15

Research on Marketing Strategy of Yili Dairy

Zekun Li, Feng Feng*, PP. 30-33,Volume 8,Issue 2, 2019/4/15

Analysis of the Impact of Non-tariff Barriers on Xinjiang Cotton Import and Export Trade

Hongyu Ni, Feng Feng*, PP. 38-41,Volume 8,Issue 2, 2019/4/15