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Study on the Curriculum Reform in the Context of Applied Talent Training

Xiaoqin Dai, PP. 5-8,Volume 7,Issue 5, 2018/10/15

Application of Matrix Diagonalization in Calculation

Yihua Yu, Yunxiang Li, PP. 9-11,Volume 7,Issue 5, 2018/10/15

Research on the Relationship between Psychological Capital and Workplace Happiness

Yiqiong Zhao , PP. 21-25,Volume 7,Issue 5, 2018/10/15

Research on Modular Development of Vehicle Air Braking System

Shixi Zhang1, Budou Xu1, Xuan Zhang2, Guorui Zhao1 , PP. 26-27,Volume 7,Issue 5, 2018/10/15

Digital Watermarking Algorithm based on Gauss Pyramid Decomposition

Yan Qi, YongHui Yang, Chuang Gao , PP. 28-31,Volume 7,Issue 5, 2018/10/15

Reform and Innovation of Tax Assessment and Tax Inspection Methods

Liying Wang, PP. 35-40,Volume 7,Issue 5, 2018/10/15