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A look into Low-carbon Office in Practice

Yin Jiang, PP. 7-11,Volume 7,Issue 4, 2018/8/15

Spatial Response Analysis of Land use in National Development Zones based on Pattern and Process - taking Fuzhou new District as an Example

Kun Jiang1, Wenyuan Dai123*, Qiufeng Hu1, Kang Huang1, Hui Ou1, PP. 17-27,Volume 7,Issue 4, 2018/8/15

Image Inpainting Algorithm based on Improved Confidence Function

Wenjing Sun, PP. 28-31,Volume 7,Issue 4, 2018/8/15

Study on Factors Influencing Sleep Quality

Haitao Zhang1, Shangke Han2, Qianwen Guo3, PP. 44-46,Volume 7,Issue 4, 2018/8/15