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Study on Strengthening Cultural Self-confidence

Xingxing Li, PP. 5-7,Volume 7,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

A New Energy Contract For States Along The Border Between The US And Mexico

Zidong Zhou, PP. 8-17,Volume 7,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

On the Currently Existing Problems and Corresponding Solutions of the Identification Method of Impoverished College Students

Li Cao, Shutao Ran, Rui Zhu, Jia Chen, Yujia Li, Yin Chen , PP. 25-28,Volume 7,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

The Theoretical Defects of Western Marxism and Marxism’s Degeneration

Peng Xu , PP. 29-32,Volume 7,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

Analysis of Spatial Patterns of Urbanization Supported by GIS Technology

Dong Ouyang,Yuan Zhong, Xiaoting Yang, PP. 33-37,Volume 7,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

Jacketed MVR heat pump evaporating system development and performance research

Huizhong Cao, Luwei Yang, Zhentao Zhang, Xiaohua Wu, PP. 38-48,Volume 7,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

Differential Evaluation of Urbanization Development Based on Super-Efficiency DEA Method

Shuo Yang, Lu Li, Bingquan Liu*, PP. 49-52,Volume 7,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

One Class Method for Solving One-dimensional Helmholtz Equation with Interface Problem

Yong Zhu1, JiaoJiao Cao2, PP. 53-57,Volume 7,Issue 3, 2018/6/15