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Research on Seismic Protection of Stone Cultural Relics Based on Seismic Isolation Technology

Derui Kong1, Tianjing Zhang1, Lushun Wei2, Mengbing Li3, PP. 1-6,Volume 4,Issue 1, 2019/3/15

Research Progress on Unloading Creep Test of Fractured Rock Mass

Xin Wang, Haifei Jiang , PP. 11-14,Volume 4,Issue 1, 2019/3/15

Research on Remote Monitoring System for Construction Machinery

Wenfang Zhang, Qingchun Wu, PP. 15-18,Volume 4,Issue 1, 2019/3/15

Porous Cement Pavement(Material)with High Reflectance and Water Retention and Heat Resistance

Jianwei Fu1, Peifu We1, Bo Zhou2, He Chen2, PP. 19-22,Volume 4,Issue 1, 2019/3/15

The Development and Trend of Highway Pavement Management System

Ruoyu Tang , PP. 27-31,Volume 4,Issue 1, 2019/3/15

Engineering Geology Study on Permeation Deformation

Dingfu Li, PP. 32-35,Volume 4,Issue 1, 2019/3/15

Design and Research of Expressway Pavement Manage-ment System based on GIS

Zewu Song, PP. 42-48,Volume 4,Issue 1, 2019/3/15