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Analysis of Livable City Evaluation Model based on Mathematical Method

Teng Rong, Yuhang Dong, PP. 1-4,Volume 4,Issue 4, 2018/12/15

Cost Planning and Scale Analysis of Col- leges and Universities based on Statistical Modeling

Genxiong Wu, Dai Hu, Shuangshuang Zhou, PP. 8-12,Volume 4,Issue 4, 2018/12/15

Brief Analysis on the Application of One- Card System in Intelligent Campus

Shuaili Wang, PP. 13-15,Volume 4,Issue 4, 2018/12/15

The Analysis of Generalized SFA

Min Wang, PP. 16-22,Volume 4,Issue 4, 2018/12/15

Application of Computer Room Manage- ment in Cloud Computing

Jianjun Wu, PP. 23-25,Volume 4,Issue 4, 2018/12/15

An Improved Inexact Newton Method for Nonlinear Equations

Meihong Zhou, PP. 34-38,Volume 4,Issue 4, 2018/12/15

On the Development and Application of Electronic Commerce

Yuhao Kang, PP. 39-41,Volume 4,Issue 4, 2018/12/15