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Forecast and Plan for Energy Use based on Economic Perspective

Wenbing Dong, PP. 1-5,Volume 4,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

Solutions to the Site Selection of MNCs based on Language Research

Huixian Yong, PP. 6-9,Volume 4,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

Research on Personalized Privacy Protection of Mobile Communication Users under Big Data Analysis

Zhengqiu Weng, Qinghua Chen, PP. 10-12,Volume 4,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

Fast Mining Method of User Behavior Data based on Bayesian Network

Yuting Jiang, PP. 13-19,Volume 4,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

Research on Locally Quadratic Convergence Algorithm for Linear Hyperbolic Equation

Shuangcheng Jia, Tao Wang, PP. 20-24,Volume 4,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

The Construction of Big Data Platform System of a Smart Tourism

Heqing Zhang, Jiahao Xian, Leilei Wang, Xiaobo Su, PP. 25-29,Volume 4,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

Research on Efficient Mining Technology of Highly Confidential Data in Cloud Platform Network

Liang Cai, Yaqiong Cheng, PP. 30-36,Volume 4,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

A Retrospective Cubic Regularization for Unconstrained Optimization Using Nonmonotone Techniques

Yajing Wang, Qinghua Zhou, PP. 43-47,Volume 4,Issue 3, 2018/6/15

Analysis of Carbon Emission Trends and Emission Reduction Strategies in Liaoning Province

Xiuchao Ji, Xuesong Wang, PP. 47-51,Volume 4,Issue 3, 2018/6/15