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Research on the Improvement of American Security Process Based on Cellul ar Automaton Simulation

Ruizhi Ma,Qi Hao,Peng Zhang ,Xiufen Wang, PP. 8-12,Volume 4,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

Analysis and Research on Private Information Pricing

Ganlin Zhou, PP. 13-15,Volume 4,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

Research on Unbalanced Data Classification Algorithm for Complex Network Data Streams

Yingxue Cai, Jia Chen, Song Hu, Hui Hu, Sibo Huang, Zhaoquan Cai, PP. 16-19,Volume 4,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

Research on Network Aware Data Fusion Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Time Series

Jia Chen, Yingxue Cai, Song Hu, Sibo Huang, Hui Hu, Zhaoquan Cai, PP. 20-23,Volume 4,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

Design of Rational Resource Scheduling Model in Cloud Computing

Aijun Diao, PP. 24-27,Volume 4,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

Research on Multi-view 3D Image Local Region Restoration Algorithm based on Virtual Reality

Hui Hu, Song Hu, Sibo Huang, Yingxue Cai, Jia Chen, Zhaoquan Cai, PP. 28-31,Volume 4,Issue 2, 2018/4/15