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Research on Case Management Mode for Special Complications of Diabetic Patients under Two-way Referral

Liangjie Gao, Wenjing Han, Shutong Li, Shumei Liu, PP. 70-76,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/12/15

Advances in the Study of Resistin and Atherosclerosis Related Factors

Wenjing Zhao, Xuhong Ge, Haifang Zhang, PP. 58-61,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/12/15

Introduction and Control Measures of Common Fish Parasitic Diseases

Ning Suo, PP. 54-57,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/12/15

Study on Rehabilitation Nursing and Effect of Cancer Chemotherapy in Children

Yuan Zhang, Xin Yu*, Junyan Su, PP. 47-53,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/12/15

Study on the Effect of Acupuncture on Pain Relief in Endometriosis

Xiangdian Xiao, Changfu Sheng, PP. 39-42,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/12/15