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The Health Care Cost in the United States

Xia Lv, PP. 42-43,Volume 3,Issue 1, 2018/6/15

Spectrum of Morphologic Findings in Myelodysplastic Syndrome with Ring Sideroblasts

Keyu Liu1, Ruimin Li2, Haifang Hao3, Yifeng Wu4, Zenxian Fu5*, PP. 37-41,Volume 3,Issue 1, 2018/6/15

Clinical Significance of MCV,MPV, SF and LDH Levels in Old Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Keyu Liu1, Mengmeng Geng2, Na Jin3, Juan Zhan3, Hongxia Wang4, Zexian Fu5*, PP. 34-36,Volume 3,Issue 1, 2018/6/15

Nursing Strategies for Acupuncture Syncope with Venous Blood Collection in Outpatients

Ying Liu1,Shuang Liu1*, Lu Wang2, PP. 30-33,Volume 3,Issue 1, 2018/6/15

Room Detail Nursing Training on the Success Rate of Emergency Operation

He Li, Wenhai He, PP. 25-29,Volume 3,Issue 1, 2018/6/15

Research on Real-time Monitoring Technology of Blood Glucose Fluctuation of Patients With Hyperglycemia in Perioperative Period

Shumei Liu1, Haichuan Dou2, Zhiru zhang3, Shijuan Sun4*, PP. 21-24,Volume 3,Issue 1, 2018/6/15