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Research on the Management of Physical Education Resources with Big Data

Shuaili Wang

Hunan City University, Yiyang, 413000,China


Abstract: At present, physical education in Colleges and universitieslacks the correct understanding and understanding of the use of big data, thelack of professional application and management personnel, and the immaturityof big data application system. In educational practice, we should start fromfour aspects: optimizing teaching content, improving teaching quality,effectively improving the proportion of sports population in Colleges anduniversities, expanding the educational function of College Students'physiquehealth test, and conducting teaching scientific research. Emancipate the mind,enhance the awareness of big data application, optimize the allocation of resources,enhance the development ability of big data resources, attach importance to thetraining of big data talents, and provide effective personnel guarantee for theconstruction of big data application ability.

Keywords: Big Data; Colleges andUniversities; Sports Resources; Management