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Research on Profit Model of Public Transport Mobile Payment

Zhengdong Zuo

Faculty of Finance,AnhuiUniversity ofFinance and Economics,Bengbu, 233000, China


Abstract: This paper will evaluate the problem of bus mobile paymentfrom four angles. By means of fuzzy impairment clustering, the number ofcategories and clustering centers are preliminarily established to describe thepayment characteristics of riders, and the characteristic values are accuratelyextracted by using fuzzy C mean clustering, and the characteristics of Cox-stuarttrend test are used to judge the development trend of the characteristics.Assuming that the platform income comes entirely from the precipitation capitalincome and service fee income, through the decision mode of precipitationcapital income and fee income, the two-party profit expression is obtained, thetwo sides will be added to the total profit, and the factors affecting thetotal profit are obtained. Using the bilateral market theory, the Hotellingmodel is introduced, the profit situation is further analyzed quantitatively,and the suggestions for the innovation of profit model are put forwardaccordingly.

        Keywords:Fuzzy C mean clustering analysis;Cox-Stuarttrend test;Bilateralmarket;Hotellingmodel