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Effect of Special Strength Resistance Training on Shooting Skills

Haidong Liu1, Nana Li2*

1School of PhysicalEducation, Chengdu Normal University, Chengdu, 611130, China

 2GraduateSchool,ChengduSport University, Chengdu, 610041, China


Abstract: Basketball is a fierce competition, skipping and shootingskills has become one of the most effective scoring means of basketball players.In the game, the skipping and shooting skills and other technical action combinetogether, and it has the advantage f sudden, not easy to defend. Traditionalbasketball strength training does not improve players’ balance, flexibility andother physical fitness. Special strength resistance training can effectivelyimprove the stability of basketball players’ jump shot, improve the ability ofjump shot effectively, and quicken the jumping speed, so as to improve theshooting percentage significantly. This paper discusses the influence ofspecial strength resistance training on basketball shooting ability and technique,analyzes the principles that players should follow in strength training, andprovides some guidance for promoting special basketball training.

Keywords:Basketball special strength training; Training method; Shooting effect